aside Sheheitthingama I Just Can’T

I’m gonna say in a more private blog, though it’s not private, a few of my secrets to being a better, although far from exoerienced, liar than some giruhoyshim, I really can’t. 

1.  If you marry Jett on November 4, then hook uo with, oh boy, lots of dudes on video on tumblr, then marry Jett in 2017, then Jett anounces he doesn’t have a wife, but less than a week up you are once again married to Jett, you must have a frequently-drugs-idiots-chapel card in Vegas, cause Kansas law reqyires you be divorced for one year before you may remarry.  You should also let a psych put you under to find out why you like Jetts so much.  Fast, steel, seats many, or is it that Jetts get around. Nah, it’s probably the heroin. 

2.  2,437 blogs and several of them switch personal pronouns like they’re toilet paper rolls or something.  A whole lotta shit wiping.

3. On that subject, is Jett aware you got him a vag of his own in ’15, and finally made him a 100% wife type just last month. Sorry to hear about hishzherit’s eating disorder.  Poor thing.  Did the change happen in a state that would still recognize your marria, in Nevada?  I mean, marriage between a woman and a man who becomes a woman, gets dumped, remarries once the facial hair thins, and leaves former him/her  for getting fat, and marrying again when he’s skinny, just makes me wonder what sad thing would marry  bitch like you even one time.  Poor girl. 

4.  We don’t take posts back down while our sweetie is driving on the same highway you posted them on, especially wedding pics from, wait, Mississippi doesn’t have a Vegas. 

5. Wait, now I get why you go through so many Jetts.  You like airport pat downs, don’t you?

Dammit, I’d marry ya now that I know you’re rich as fuck. 

Wait, can we meet in Utah.  I wanna know my marriage won’t be void if when you divorce and marry Jett right before me.  Damn, I hate fake husbawifkizos.   Not to sound biased or anything.  I just prefer my mixed folk a little better at lying like a fucking dog. 

Nevermind, I also remembered you can’t turn a porn ho into a housewife.  Although they may be working on a surgery for that now. Let’s just wait. I’ll put it on my calendar so you don’t have to try to remember.

Congrats to you on your latest wedding.  Please give Jett my condolences.


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